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Cisco VPN or TeamViewer or LogMeIn

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 19, 2015 6:00:52 PM / by Matthew Nucifora

Cisco VPN or TeamViewer or LogMeIn ?


Looking to increase productivity on-the-go ? What about working from home? Today, we're going to take a look at various technology solutions designed to allow you to do just that.


Cisco VPN

As one of the original ways to remotely access secure work files, a Cisco VPN (Virtual Private Network) setup would allow you to be "virtually" inside your team's internal office network, allowing access to sensitive information and programs while not physically in the office. For small teams, however, a Cisco VPN may not be the most cost-effective solution (It's very much Enterprise-grade, and the pricing reflects that), and it isn't necessarily as flexible as the software solutions that we'll discuss below.



TeamViewer is one of the most widely utilized remote access software platforms (along with LogMeIn, discussed below). Using remote access software allows you to tap into your work machine from home on either a home computer or tablet/smartphone. For personal use, TeamViewer is entirely free. However, if TeamViewer suspects business-use, their licensing structure requires a steep (near $1000) business license, which may not be cost effective for small teams.



LogMeIn allows for much of the same remote access functionality as TeamViewer. While LMI doesn't offer a free access tier, their LogMeIn Pro software is offered at only $69.95/yr. for a single license, $99/yr. for two licenses, or $249/yr. for a small team of up to 5 users. Additionally, LogMeIn is based close to home in Boston, MA, meaning purchasing LMI software allows you to support US business.



LogMeIn and TeamViewer are both similar offerings, and Cisco VPN is the only solution that is a poor fit for smaller teams. Due to cost, plus the ability to work with a US-based business (TeamViewer is based in Germany), LMI makes the most sense and is our fully-endorsed work-from-home software solution.



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