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Is the New MacBook the Next Computer for your Boston Marketing Agency?

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 17, 2015 8:47:00 AM / by Matthew Nucifora

While oft-rumored as the "next MacBook Air", the sleek new machine Apple debuted during their "Spring Forward" event on March 9th is simply the new "MacBook". The thin-and-light computer has several very compelling developments, but also significant drawbacks. With Mac popularity at an all-time high, we wanted to see if the new MacBook is the next computer for your Boston marketing agency.


1. It's. So. Thin. And. Light.

Measuring just 13.1 mm at it thickest point, the new MacBook is essentially the same thickness as the first 3 generations of iPhones. For a computer running a full desktop operating system, that is, quite simply, insane.

2. Brand New Trackpad

Apple has already built quite the reputation for an excellent trackpad on their notebooks. It's astonishing how few PC makers have been able to nail down an accurate, pleasing-to-use trackpad until very recently - given that this is the way the vast majority of users interact with their computer. Not content with "nearly perfect", however, Apple has introduced a brand new trackpad into this 2015 MacBook. Dubbed "Force Touch", the new MacBook trackpad has multiple click "depths" allowing a user to access secondary functions without the need for a right click. Additionally, the "taptic engine" provides feedback to the user through a vibration motor, negating the need for a physically moving trackpad.

3. Really, Truly Beautiful

The ultrasharp better-than-HD retina display that has so far escaped the MacBook Air line is present in the new MacBook, and it looks great. Additionally, the Gold and Space Gray options also found on the iPhone and iPad product lines are also here (joining the standard aluminum MacBook "Silver"), and boy, do they look fantastic. This is, by no small margin, the best-looking Mac ever made.



And now, for the tradoffs.


1. One Port?

Seriously. Only one port? Want to charge your machine while transferring a file from your flash drive? Good luck with that. Well, at least, that's not possible without Apple's additional adapter ($79, not included). Want to connect your computer to an HDMI display while you have an external hard-drive plugged in? Not going to happen - again, not without that pricey adapter.

2. Questionable Keyboard

Early reports suggest Apple's new MacBook keyboard isn't quite as comfortable as those on their MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lines. To squeeze a full keyboard into a machine that small, the travel (i.e., the distance the keys depress into the notebook's body) has been significantly reduced.  While it doesn't seem to be a bad keyboard, per se, it may be an adjustment for those used to Apple's familiar favorites.

3. It's Expensive

No, $1299 for the base model new MacBook, at least among Apple's lineup, is far from "expensive". Having said that, the new MacBook uses an ultra-low-power Intel processor that doesn't figure to perform much better than their new iPad Air 2 (which can be had for a starting price of just $499), and it only has a 12" screen (much smaller than the industry standard 13-14" screens). 


With the new MacBook, Apple has likely unveiled the future of laptops. There's a reason, however, why they still plan to offer updated MacBook Air's and Pro's. In 2015, at least, only early adopters will appreciate the advancements offered in the new MacBook. This verdict will likely differ in 2017 and beyond, but for now, the Air and Pro line represent the best choice for 95% of Mac shoppers, and for this reason, the new Macbook shouldn't be the next computer for your marketing agency. Click here to find out what may be.

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Matthew Nucifora

Written by Matthew Nucifora

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