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6 Reasons to Try Apple Watch in Boston on Boylston or the Galleria

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 12, 2015 6:32:00 PM / by Matthew Nucifora

Apple Watch Boston Boylston Galleria


Unless you've been living under an 18K Rose Gold-plated rock for the past 6 months, you've likely heard of Apple's upcoming product release.

While there have been several criticisms levied against Apple's new wearable (not the least of which is the 5-figure (!) starting price for the solid gold Apple Watch Edition), there are several reasons why Apple's new toy is likely one of a select few with a viable chance at success. Believe me, you'll want to try Apple Watch in Boston on Boylston or the Galleria ahead of the April launch.

Here are the main reasons why:

1. Apple Watch is made by Apple.

Can you name Apple's last flop? No, their foray into social media with Ping doesn't count. In terms of a material hardware market failure, we're looking all the way back to the 90's, before the very first bondi blue iMac. You could sort of say the company is on a bit of a roll.

2. The Watch ties into the Apple Ecosystem.

There's a HUGE reason Apple has set sales records (and defined categories) with iPad and iPhone - developers make the best, most rich experiences, for the Apple App Store. Don't expect this to change any time soon; Apple's advantage figures to grow with WatchOS integration.

3. Those Margins.

Apple doesn't play in so-called "Races to the bottom". While the entire smartphone industry has been commodotized in the past two years, resulting in significantly reduced prices, Apple has managed to RAISE their Average Selling Price (ASP). With an estimated cost of goods for Apple Watch at less than an iPod Touch, but an ASP that figures to be nearly as high as iPhone, Apple is incentivized to ensure Apple Watch is a smashing success. The $10,000 starting price for Apple Watch Edition shouldn't hurt margins, either.

Apple Watch Boston Boylston Galleria 1

4. Smartphone Zombies No Longer

All anecdotal evidence suggests smartphone usage SIGNIFICANTLY decreases among Apple Watch users. No longer does one need to reach into their pocket everytime a notification comes across - instead, a quick glance at a wrist and notification dismissal is all that will be required.

5. Apple Marketing Manpower

Apple, as a whole, is a masterful media manipulator. The onslaught of Apple Watch-specific marketing in fashion magazines is only just beginning, and the ability for prospective buyers to try on the wearable in one of Apple's hundreds of retail stores will only elevate product interest. 

6. People Will Want to Wear It

Apple Watch actually looks good. Like, really good. The newest iPhone model almost always draws eyeballs and questions upon its release and first spottings in the wild. A wearable device that is always displayed for passersby will only amplify that interest.


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Matthew Nucifora

Written by Matthew Nucifora

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